Beast Genetics International Sponsored Athletes

Taking pride of the Team Beast Athletes who compete in international powerlifting meets. 


Dave Napper

One of Australia's top Powerlifting Australia Lifters and competitive Strongman.


  • 1st place for Powerlifting Australia 120kgs Nationals 2016
  • 2nd place forPowerlifting Australia 120+kgs Nationals 2015
  • 3rd place at 120+kgs rankings 2014
  • 300kgs Squat
  • 170kgs Bench Press
  • 331kgs Deadlift


Jezza Uepa

Prevoiusly held the IPF Raw World Record in the 120+ class. Jezza comes from the small island of Nauru but is now making International waves with many displays of super human strength. 


  • 460kgs Squat - IPF Worlds 2017
  • Only one of the few to total over 1000kgs raw in the IPF
  • Placed 2nd at IPF Worlds in 2017


Taylah Robinson


One of Australia's top junior Lifters. Taylah is currently ranked first in her weight division and is set to break more junior records in 2016! 


  • 210.5kgs Deadlift  - Australian Junior Record
  • 175kgs Squat - Australian Junior Record
  • Heaviest Raw IPF Deadlift Pulled by a Female in Australia
  • Ranked 1st in the Junior U84kgs class


Daniel Blandford 

Daniel Blandford has made a massive impart in the GPC/PRORAW Federation over the last couple of years.


  • 1st place at Proraw 8 in the under 110kgs
  • 2nd place at Proraw 7 in the under 110kgs
  • 3rd biggest total in Australia at 110kgs
  • 890kgs Total