Story Behind Spruce Athletics

Story Behind Spruce Athletics

Hi everyone.

Dreams yield precious insight to a person's being. Our dream? To empower others in reaching their prime selves through our very own house of iron. As of this writing, we are undoubtedly nowhere near this dream, much less having a clear vision of it. Nevertheless, dreams exist for a reason.

Let me introduce to you my partner whom I suppose is primarily responsible for the creation of this blog. Competitiveness and resiliency are what makes Karl who he is today. I can safely say his character was heavily shaped from being a student-athlete all his life in school. Currently, Karl is engaged in a leading multi-branch table tennis sports facility in the Philippines. You may check out his personal website in the link And before I forget, did I mention that Karl is also one of my best buddies from when I was a kid?

I can’t seem to recall writing myself a short introduction, despite many a time Idid for my peers. For all the world knows, it is indeed effortless to be others' judge rather than our own. Here are a few facts about myself.

My name is Jangelo, a Filipino of Chinese descent and younger brother of two. Manila, Philippines is the city where I was born and raised in, except that, unlike Karl, I still live here. In 2015, I earned my Bachelor's degree in Information Systems from De La Salle University. This led me to landing my current job position as a SAP consultant in a multinational IT services company. Making computer programs, writing source codes, configuring systems are under no circumstances my strong suit – but I have come to love what I do through constant application. My real passion lies in oral communication. I am not a frequent speaker by any means. And although my daily activities do not call for intensive public speaking per se, I strive to find opportunities within and outside my organization where I can do so actively. My off time is predominantly dedicated to my love for sports – with basketball being my first.I wouldn't position myself on the competitive side. However, I delight in taking various sports into heart and at least reach the intermediate level.

It was during the early 2000s when we first met at elementary and high school.Karl was known all throughout the campus not because of the small-scale population, but primarily due to his family's partnership with the school in bringing table tennis in as a sport. To the student body, Table tennis was essentially Karl. He, along with his siblings, and relatives brought in countless medals to the school which provided much visibility the sport deserves. With that being said, I’ve always held him in high regard for his diligence to become a better student-athlete everyday. Later on, I decided to briefly join the table tennis team, in which we discovered our shared mindset of enabling the best version self through consistent training. Though initially we had different goals in mind, Karl and I eventually found common ground on the importance of strength training in the mind and body’s development. He then came to embrace powerlifting as much as I do. The rest is history. (and might be discussed in another blog post)

Starting a blog never crossed my mind until recently when Karl convinced me that blogs are now hailed as a premier channel for reaching a sizeable audience. That natural creative writing juice not once flow in me. The farthest I’ve gone to would simply be the mini thoughts posted in my late Twitter account. Yet here I am, fully decided to take the long shot. Besides, I find there's little to no harm in putting things on record periodically, isn't there? Hopefully this blog can turn my marching down the memory lane into an amusing yet learning experience.

"What can I expect from this blog?" you might ask. This online journal will cover topics ranging from our fitness journeys and business endeavors in Spruce Athletics. We want the blog to maintain an idiosyncratic sense of ideas, and so we will focus on a specific discipline – the sport of powerlifting. You will see posts in two different languages though the entries will not be in parallel to each other. Karl will be managing the Chinese section while I do the English part.

More than just the blog, however, (and I’m sure you have already seen it) Spruce Athletics is an avenue to buy your lifting gear. Our products range from lifting belts, singlets, wrist and knee wraps, and many other more. You may check out the shop(available for shipping in HK and PH) in this link – With that being said, thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to read this about us page. We hope you enjoy our shop and the blog altogether!